About Us

The NH Craft Alliance (NHCA) was formed in 2009 to enhance the craft capabilities of the group and to provide a single-point-of-contact distribution network that services the entire State of New Hampshire. With over 150 years of experience in the beer industry, the four distributor members include – Bellavance Beverage Co., Clarke Distributors, New Hampshire Distributors and White Mountain Distributors. We share a uniform mission of bringing the best craft beer education, service, promotion and brand building to the NH marketplace. Anchored by operations and dedicated employees in four key communities around the state, the Alliance provides grass-roots level access to markets that its competitors cannot.

We represent the finest and most well-known craft beer brands in the state of New Hampshire. Our knowledge, commitment and service ability allow our craft brewer partners to make an immediate impact in the market as well as focus on long term sustainable growth.

We live and love NH! We live and love BEER!


Click here to download a PDF Guide listing our dedicated Craft Beer Team

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